A gathering space that the composters explored on their first visit to EOW. After that they named it as the “hive”. The Hive has witnessed many presentations, discussions, experiments, games.Beyond intellectual pursuits, the Hive also offers a haven for the composters to unwind and recharge after long and productive workdays.


The lab serves as a dedicated space where the composters engage in a multitude of experiments, exploring various aspects of their work. Within the lab, the composters actively gather samples from the soil, water, and plants, seeking to analyze and understand the intricate dynamics at play within their composting ecosystem.The lab works as a hub for both scientific investigation and experiential learning.


After long days in the outdoors the room offers the composters a retreat and shelter from rain and sun. All the tools could be stored there. The room allowed the composters to process their exploratory results and at the same time feel once again the contrast between the nature on the doorstep and the hard architecture. Of course there was also the occasional rolling through the room.